Time Flies…

Ok ok… so it’s been since October.  Things have been beyond hectic around here… not to mention an 18 month old who now RUNS around the house and demolishes everything in his path.  The main news is that Baby Whisler #2 is cooking along nicely.  We’ve had two ultrasounds (at 8 weeks and 19 weeks) and all the necessary parts and pieces are where they should be.  I will honestly try to get the ultrasound images scanned and posted in the coming week.  And what you’ll be interested to know is that the ultrasounds show we are cooking another BOY!!!  Testosterone prevails in our family!  What’s a girl to do? ;-)  Part of the justification we used for learning the gender was to make name selection easier… NOT SO.  We are no closer to choosing a name than if we hadn’t found out the sex.  At least we can now refer to the baby appropriately… and tell Ayden about his little brother!  And there’s always the perk of hand-me-downs!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Oh how exciting! I am sure Ayden is going to love having a little brother!

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