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Both boys are finally in full-day, full-time school! Owen is thrilled to be at the same school as Ayden now… Ayden was happy about it too, until…

A couple of days into the school year, Ayden and Owen’s classes were both headed out to the playground at the end of the day for parent pick-up. Owen’s teacher spotted a buzzed towhead apparently out of line and grabbed him by the shoulder, reminding him to stay in line and not get lost in the mix. Problem was, the towhead was Ayden, not Owen. Needless to say, Ayden (third grade) was not pleased about having been confused for his first grade brother! Since that day, Ayden has insisted on not wearing the exact same uniform combination as Owen (as if that is going to solve the problem of them being confused for twins EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.).

With the beginning of the school year also came the beginning of the Cub Scout year. Here again, we finally have both boys in full participation! Poor Owen feels as though he’s had to wait forever to reach this point (well, two years may actually feel like forever when you’re six years old!).

Scouts in uniform!

Scouts in uniform!

Owen is now a Tiger Cub, and Ayden a Bear Scout.

We have a full and fun year ahead of us :) Stay tuned!

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