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While Ayden, Owen and Emery were playing in the playroom at Heather’s house… Ayden: “I HATE being the boy fairy!”

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The Whislers, September 2009 – Family Photo Shoot

Heritage Makers 8×8″ Storybook featuring all of the photos taken by our dear and talented photographer (and fellow MOMS Clubber) friend Christy Andrea back in September.

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First Day of School!

Whoa! Neither Patrick nor I were prepared for the shock of the first day of school – and the shock was our own, NOT Ayden’s! As we prepared Ayden’s outfit the night before the first day of school and tried … Continue reading

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Ayden on Grains

After picking up Quiznos sandwiches for lunch and on the way to Auntie Heather’s house for the afternoon, the following conversation ensued: Ayden: Mama, are those my chips in that bag? Mama: Yes, these are your Sun Chips. Ayden: Oh, … Continue reading

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The “Post” of Christmas Past :)

OK, so I have some e’splaining to do!  It appears this site has been “post free” since just before Halloween – tsk tsk!  So hang on tight, here’s the holiday season review! Many thanks to the Clough clan for the … Continue reading

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Half Way Around the Sun…

It’s true! Owen is 6 months old today! This past month (new gallery too!) has been full of fun developments like becoming a master bouncer in his Johnny-Jump-Up, the arrival of his first two chompers (bottom front teeth), discovering that … Continue reading

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